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Ps:J'ai traduis la page d'acceuil,mais je n'ai pas fini de traduire le reste, pour ceux qui veulent m'aider ,tout aide sera la bienvenue.Js1boys.

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Welcome on Wiki d' Apocalypsis, encyclopaedia relating to Apocalypsis, play on line, that each one can improve.

1 176 articles written, and more than 2 300 pages create. Wiki is Opérationnel since January 2006


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Opinion with the possible players and visitors : You will find on this WIKI everything you want to know about he original Universe of Apocalypsis. Consult theLIST OF the ARTICLES or madea research. the Apo players, come to upgrade the Apocalypsis' World Map ! If information that you seek misses, leave a message on the discussion page, while clicking on "discussion", then "to modify".

Opinion with the contributors : Everyone is invited to contribute ! Today dimanche 15 septembre 2019, consult the last news. Wiki counts today 1 176 articles, and 699 copied from the waiter. See documentation on customizing the interface and User's Guidefor the configuration and the assistance. Another heading of assistance was carried out below to help those which do not know the operation of the wikis : Help Wiki..

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IMPORTANT: It would be necessary to start to consider the translation of the reception and the principal English articles, because the play itself will be translated. So certain bilingual are ready to do it, they have the downstream of God.

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