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De Apocalypsis
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Since the creation of the world, hundreds of commanders succedent, and much have family ties. It is thus a question of gathering all the history of the various generations. Utilisateur:Js1boys

" Friendly, Friendly,

The Galaxy Origin is a great family, we have almost a whole family ties, we are so distant in the Galaxy and yet so near familialement.

You come here in a compartment from the Parliament, separated from all geopolitical context, and where all commanders leave its opinions on side.

It is time to join together us between distant cousins, close relations or.

Much among us has bonds that it is marriage, of the sister, the brother... cousin, etc... And this is why, with all that I could join together, I have to try to make a family tree, but it misses a certain number of branches... " Synopsis

Chapter I : First, the family of Sayyadina (1st part)

First of all, the marriage ofArchimage Antonophix and supreme MUSE Bella, which donnerent birth has 3 children, Archimage Antonophix wire, MUSE ultreme Bella, too quickly disappeared, and Ulina the Divine one. Their cousin, Luther, had a son, one does not know how, named Ramouflon, and very quickly, became prete then Abbé. This Ramouflon Abbot married Ulina the Divine one, and it would seem that there is a décendance, but the kids scattered.

Another piece of family, which begins the marriage between Sayyadina Corp and Yankee, which gave rise to Akhenaton, Sayya then Sayyadina. But it would seem that certain(e)s of the 3 children is of Clad or Etic, first of the name. Improbable thing, Akhenaton Marie with Sayyadina, it is however at least his/her half-sister... But Akhenaton dies, and Sayyadina takes refuge in the arms of the Ptolémée fop. Against any waiting, Akhenaton and Sayyadina had a son, Copernik, which was born on the beach from the Palm plantation. Then Maitre Yoda is pointed out in the family, first of all Sayyadina is completely in love by seeing its eyes, but Copernik says to him that the place is taken. But it is discovered that the small green man is in fact a Lappish beaver... But what makes Maitre Yoda and Copernik in this case ? And how was Sephiroth born ? He is the son of Clad, but Ca would be still Sayyadina Corp the mother...

But the first marriage remains that, finally it seems to me, of Fedayn and Elisabeth III, then then that of Fregger and Lorie, they had a girl, Atalante, finally one does not know if it is Fregger the father or Abanon, faithful customer of the tavern of the old Galaxy. Or can be Nanovitch, large enemy of Fedayn and its Elisabeth wife... (Author : Al-Kashi)

Chapter II : The paddle and ancètres (1st part)

The first marriage remains that of Fedayn and Elisabeth, the latter had already had a child, but gave up it very early. This small, hidden a long time, passed its youth at AlphonseHubert, large professor of rhetoric and Galactique grammar. One suspected then a connection between Fregger and Lorie, finally this-last had a girl, Atalante. Finally it is not known if it is Fregger the father or Abanon, faithful customer of the tavern of the old Galaxy, which perhaps returning an evening... Or can be Nanovitch, large enemy of Fedayn and its Elisabeth wife ?

Already one charming ordering had been done noticed, Mllecap, which, by its broad smile and its radiant teeth of whiteness, had allured a good number of commanders. It traded proudly until its death, within the Republican Force second of the name. It is perhaps in the district-Generals of the Republican Force, that Sayyadina Corp made knowledge of so many men : Agarash, the first chief, the Telamon, Etic, Dark, Zoroastre, Karctak, Vasco, Necrid, Kaj, Snake, Clad, Yankee... and well of others. (I have the tears with the eyes to think of them... snif).

But that would have could be Greg also or Obiwan Kénobi, or Primarque... Perhaps the Kamikazes of the 3 commanders fricotaient with the mécanoïdes of Sayyadina Corp. Would OverLorD their ally, also had contacts... Sayyadina Corp to him be mother of one flopée from 20 to 25 most powerful commanders parmis ? (Author : Al-Kashi)

Chapter III : The family Ultrémiste (1st part)

Obiwan is the same individual as Your Brioche (better known under its name of sacring ; Briochon the Splendid one). This one had simply to decide to change identity. It was made pass for death while it preparait its return to the businesses. This change of identity is explained to the faith by its meeting with its Princess and its conversion with the ultremism ; two évenements which contributed to make to obiwan another man.

Obiwan had a mysterious talent ; it managed to transplant hearts of a body to another. Thus when it was with the article of death, it taken the control of the body of its faithful lieutenant Napoleon, and regna under the name of Napolochon Ier. It is also at the origin of the transplantation of metalox in the body of Guitell.

It would seem that he is not had of direct descent, on the other hand, one knows that its Princess was pregnant at the time of the apocalypse but that if disappeared without leaving the least trace, much affirms that she died before to have given birth to.

The Luther old man, who was a catholic priest and thus normally supposed pure being had a famous son ; the Ramouflon Abbot. Our family trees do not reveal any family tie with the Antonophix family.

Ramouflon has on the other hand an innumerable offspring because of these many connections. One connait 563 natural children to him but it is certain that other small Ramouflons still courrent in the galaxy being unaware of to be the son of the spiritual guide ofUltrémisme.

Mata Hari it even has just learned that it was the fruit of a union between the Abbot and a clone Yodina (crossing between Yoda and Sayyadina). Each month, of many children is discovered.

marriage with Ulina the divine one, Ramouflon left 17 children but still one is unaware of si' they are all of natural wire of Ramouflon bus Ulina had it also a very active sexual life and very dissolue. certain children of Ramouflon occupy of the more important stations are those which menent an unslung and perfectly improducive life, more still are those which died as a martyr either in the name of the ultremism or because of their leaning naturalness to agitation and fanaticism (in the name of varied causes).

The Ultrémis Prophet is stripped of any descent bus if it has all the virtues ultrèmes without any doubt and that it reached the perfection, it does not have the capacity to be transmitted. We see in that a message that it sends to us ; a being also exeptionnel is not transmitted, any follower must thus work hard to traverse at least the quarter of what the prophet traversed. It rejects by, any form of heredity in Ultrémisme.

moreover the prophet was born parents by no means ultrème like all the lines anterrieures. His/her Supremiste brother died young person struck down at the time of the rise of the steps of assembled right before the first apocalypse. It is thought that its overweight (Suprémiste weighed 196 kilos all the same) is responsible for the heart attack during the effort inoui which it provided. (Author : Ulrême purity)

Chapter IV : The Trémoss family

At the beginning Djil, the Wise one etait Wandering. This worthy commander was the first instigator of the Trémoss empire such as we know it today. Good monarch and magnet, it did not etait of it less one baited diplomat, being attant for its ideas... Thus at the time of a joining together conference grinds personalities, Djil met the Kara princess, who came from one of her annexed territory. The thunderbolt was immediate, and will give birth has the Princess Gaïa Trémos, whom one will surnomera later the Protective one.

Growing Gaïa, that Ci was dawning one the meeting of a young estimated officer of its father : lieutenant Garion, who thereafter will become Lyckar Chaotiste... Their love hidden a long time will be the subject of songs which still circulate in the Trémoss empire.

Then came the period Noire, or Lyckar received the control of the empire of the proper hands of Djil. It was the time of chaos, and Gaïa had to flee with some, fearing the madness which was etait seized her husband...

At this point in time during its escape it made the knowledge of Lyra, small girl lost in a drill, which says to him to have lost to them his in the crash landing of its spacecraft after an attack of pirate... Feeling in this young girl a great capacity, Gaïa adopted it and liked it as the girl that it had never had.

Thereafter Gaïa mourrut of the hands of Lyckar, that Ci having benefitted from panic caused oar an imminent apocalypse to be introduced into the palate and......

Sylvania had a sob in its voice, then taking again an impassive expression, it continued :

Thus I am the derniere héritiere of Trone Trémoss, but the history arrete not it :

the future awaits us... (Author : Sylvania)

! The continuation very soon ; -) !