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This is the Fair With the Questions of the Universe of Apocalypsis. See also Beginning of part et Assistances and Tutoriaux

(It must be proposed in the Heading of assistance to the new commanders.)

The questions most often put in connection with the Universe will be listed here.


How to leave on holiday ?

See the section "To modify my parameters", Profile..

How much to invest in the scientific pré-research ? ?

In small "science", select "pre-research"

Comment does the scientific prérecherche function ?

You grant funds the scientists to launch out in the discovery of new technologies or the improvement of already acquired technologies. If you are skinflint, will know that 10 000 Leems are enough /! \ do not forget to alternate pre-research in the fields civil and military!

Comment does the opening of new systems function ?

The Commanders arrive at the planet capacity being only in the odd systems. When one of them develop s thehyperfusion,its system opens what involves also the opening of an even system (completely virgin).

Je suis arrivé dans l'Univers il y a peu, et mes voisins semblent décidés à m'exterminer. Que puis-je faire ?

Build bunkers and protect with vessels. Send a message to the known as commanders while trying to negotiate the equitable division of the system. If celà does not go, express with the tavern of theParliamentby explaining your problems, of the commanders anxious to help the new ones come will be able to be interested in your case. Do not forget to be good a diplomat, try to make an interesting message in order to convince certain commanders to come you to assistance.

Comment does the classification function? When the update done is?

At your first day in the galaxy, you do not appear in the classification. It is normal. Not because you are too not very powerful to appear in it, but rather because you arrived in the galaxy before the actualization of the classification, which is carried out during the night (French hour). The totality of the classification is inaccessible. You can observe the classification only of the person which is in front of you, and of the person behind you. The system of classification is not perfect, and will be improved in gamma, the next version of Apocalypsis.

On what is based the insurrection?"

-- a Number of planets

-Technology of political stability

does A what serve the planet mother, and the native system (= where one appeared)?

At the time of a trade, the vessels which you receive arrive in the point of co-ordinate of your planet mother, it thus should well be protected if not, it would be enough toionize it rather often to prevent you any trade.