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How to write an article quickly, with few knowledge of syntax wiki:

   * Any page of a wiki can. It is enough to click on the bond "to modify" which must be in top, and to publish the text which apparît, then to safeguard. That is enough to bring a precision or to correct faults. 
   * To see the various versions of a page, and if required to return behind if several people walked themselves above, to see the "historical" bond which represents all the modifications. 
   * To create a new article: to modify the suitable page (the banner page as long as the site is in work, all that could be toiletté later) to add a bond towards its future article. In light, the code necessary is Futur Article</nowiki> (to have a bond towards the article bearing this name), or towards the article in the course of drafting (to have a bond whose text is "towards the article in the course of drafting" ] ] bearing this name). 
   * Then, a click on the bond lately created makes it possible to publish its article. At this time,
         o The simple text can be inserted just as it is.
         o A formatted paragraph is obtained while jumping a line before and afterwards.
         o A title of part is obtained like this: =Title=.
         o A title of under-part, like==Sous-title==.
         o Un titre de sous-sous-partie, comme ===Under-under-title===, etc.
         o A bond interns is done like previously:: Bond.
         o An external bond towards is done like:
         o A list is done by putting one * at the beginning of line
         o A list with numbers is made of the same way, with symbol #
         o The insertion of images requires to have a recorded account (see in top on the right).
         o An image fits with the beaconExemple.jpg.
         o After safeguard, one can charge the image in question.
         o For the formatting, one uses the following options alègrement:

+ "left", "right" to have an image on the left or right-hand side and the text at side,


, + "center" to have the centered image and the text below:



               + "frame" to put a framework at it,
               + an optional text of legend,

+ or all at the same time:

The Legend of the image
         o Many of other things are done according to the handbook